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Management education plays a key role in most systems and institutions, whether it is Education, health, hospitality or manufacturing. In the fast moving and technology driven world of today even religious and family affairs need management consultation on various occasions. However, to meet the existing and emerging challenges, the management education has to be designed innovatively and in consonance with the dynamics of the field. At present, most of the management schools are standalone educational institutions while others are part of a university system. A management institute based in a university, like JNU has an advantage of offering more comprehensive understanding of management and entrepreneurial principles.


Today when our nation is putting every effort to empower its youth, management skills and entrepreneurship assume immense significance. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship in JNU will carve out a niche for itself and will provide opportunities to our youth to get quality education and training.  


The Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ABVSME), a newly created School in JNU aspires to strive for meeting this goal.
A number of factors are likely to contribute to the success of this school of JNU.
  • JNU has strong national and international credentials and an enviable brand image. JNU has earned its reputation for its multidisciplinary tradition of teaching & research. The addition of ABVSME to its existing schools will further enhance its image as a centre of excellence.
  • JNU is located close to industry in Delhi and NCR. JNU’s locational advantage will bolster its placement programme.
  • JNU’s proximity to high quality institutions like IIT-Delhi, IIFT, IMI, FMS, and University of Delhi and several other higher educational institutions in Delhi NCR allow for a greater synergy through meaningful collaborations.