Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union(JNUSU)



29 September 2017

The office of the Dean of Students hereby notifies the names of the candidates elected to the posts of office bearers of the JNU Students Union-2017-18 as per the communication received from Mr. Bhagat Singh Saini, Chairperson, JNUSU Election Committee. The Provisional Notification is issued subject to all candidates and the elected representatives fulfilling the stipulations of LCR and the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court vide Clause 6.6.2, which states: Each candidate shall, within two weeks of the declaration of the result, submit complete and audited accounts to the University authorities. The University shall publish such audited accounts, within 2 days of the submission of such accounts through a suitable medium so that any member of the student body, may freely examine the same." It is presumed that the Election Committee has taken into consideration the age limit criteria and all other LCR stipulations of all the candidates including the elected representatives.

Geeta Kumari, CHS/SSS

Simone Zoya Khan, CIPS/SIS

General Secretary: 
Duggirala Srikrishna, CIPS/SIS

Joint Secretary:
Shubhanshu Singh, CPS/SSS

Councillors: School of International Studies
Aishe Ghosh, SIS
Marie Pegu, SIS
Prahlad Kuamr Singh, SIS
Sarthak Bhatia, SIS
Shashi Kant Tripathi, SIS

Councillors: School of Language, Literature & Cultural Studies
Aditi Chatterjee, SLL&CS
Ghulam Qadeer, SLL&CS
Parveen Sheikh, SLL&CS
Raju Kumar, SLL&CS
Swati Singh, SLL&CS

Councillors: School of Social Sciences
Aejaz Ahmad Rather, SSS
Chepal Sherpa, SSS
Satish Chandra Yadav, SSS
Shreyasi Biswas, SSS
Sudhanya Pal, SSS

Councillors: School of Environmental Sciences
Manish Jangid, SES
Prachi Singh, SES
Sudhanshu Shekhar, SES

Councillors: School of Life Sciences
Rahul, SLS
Ravi Shankar Gautam, SLS
Swastik Behera, SLS

Councillors: Centre for Law & Governance
Farhat Salim, CSLG

Councillors: School of Arts and Aesthetics
Sourodeep Dey, SAA

Councillors: School of Physical Sciences
Ganesh Gurjar, SPS

Councillors: School of Biotechnology
Raman Deep Sharma, SBT

Councillors: Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies
Anil Kumar Arya, CSS

School of Computational & Integrative Sciences
Kushagra Krishnan, SC&IS

Councillors: School of Computer and System Sciences
Jatin Singh Patel SC&SS
Jitendra Kumar, SC&SS
Nancy Girdhar, SC&SS

Part-Time Councillors
Aalok Kumar, SLL&CS

Dean of Students

Provisional Notification: Elected candidates of JNU Students Union 2017-18