Online Registration of Continuing Students - Monsoon Semester 2020


Step 1: Clearance of IHA/Hostel has to be cleared from IHA for Days Scholars, please send the mail to and respective Hostels for Hostellers. Email id/dues/account numbers for the hostels are given in the Hostel Clearance tab


Step 2: Student has to pay semester fees online as per online payment tab


Step 3: Fill your courses in the blank form and sent it to respective School / Center email ids given in the registration process tab for your course registration


Note: The FN Students, Engineering Students and Management Students please refer the instruction in the registration page before payment of fees and course registration process.



Process Flow of Continue Students Registration Process


a. Students are required to check at Schools/Centers webpage for the courses being offered by their respective school/centre.


b. Students are required to write their taken courses in the format provided in the .doc format. Please make .pdf file after writing the courses taken for the semester.


c. Then Email at the contact details are being provided below in the web link for further course registration process and for all other communication related to the School/Centre regarding the course registration process.



Registration Form (pdf)  (doc) - Students have to choose their course offered in the provided registration form


Add/Drop Form (pdf)  (doc) - Students have to choose their course offered in the provided registration form. Students have to choose their course add / drop in the provided add and drop form and send it to the respective school/center on or before 19th September 2020


Contact details - Email id of School/Centre to provide assitance regarding course registration process



Foreign Students:


All Foreign Students have to follow the following procedure to get the clearance from FN Section (Admission II) through email only.


All the FN Students have to sent the following documents to


(i) Students details (as per the format attached)

(ii) Scanned copy of the Student ID

(iii) Scanned copy of Passport

(iv) Scanned copy of the Visa

(v) Scanned copy of the Course Folio (in case it is needed) Name                          


Based on the above details received over email, the Admission Branch II will carry out the document checking including FRRO registration and input the fee to be collected from the students as per the rules accordingly. Then only the students can pay the fees in INR only.


School of Engineering Students:


The Engineering students will contact through email to the School of Engineering for document checking, if any, which is relevant to the fee structure. The school will input the fee accordingly into the system. Then only students will be able to pay their fee.


ABVSME Students:


The Management students will contact through email to the ABVSME for document checking, if any, which is relevant to the fee structure. The school will input the fees accordingly into the system. Then only students will be able to pay the fees.

Students have to clear all their hostel dues and all payments as per the rules of the University.


1.  Students have to check the hostel dues by clicking web link of their hostel given below.


2.  Pay the fee in the bank details as given for your hostel through the online mode.


3. Please send the receipt of payment done for hostel clearance for the Monsoon Semester Registration 2020 at their respective hostel’s email id.



E-mail addresses of hostels for sending the scanned copy of receipt/document 


Bank A/C No. for Online payment for Hostel dues



Please click on hostel name given below to see your hostel dues for the Monsoon Semester 2020

Brahmaputra Hostel


Chandrabhaga Hostel


Damodar Hostel


Ganga Hostel


Godavari Hostel


Jhelum Hostel


Kaveri Hostel


Koyna Hostel


Mahi-Mandavi Hostel


Narmada Hostel


Periyar Hostel


Sabarmati Hostel


Shipra Hostel


Subasir Hostel (MRSH)


Sutlej Hostel


Yamuna Hostel


Lohit Hostel  Boys  Girls


Tapti Hostel

Students are required to pay the semester fee using URL: under the students section of JNU website. The students have to use their Internet id and password provided by the CIS, JNU. Choose the Current Semester. Pay the fee. Download the receipt to complete next steps. Students can pay the semester fee only after getting the clearance of their dues from the IHA/Hostels.


Any student face the issue of payment receipt due to network related issues or after payment error and not able to download the receipt, the student can login again and view their all their previous transactions and receipts in the History & Receipts link in the payment portal.

Need Assistance/Help:


1. Check your details as displayed. If any issue / wrong data display then please send email to / alongwith the error details.


2. In case of internet id or password issues, please contact 011-26704006 of CIS.


3. In case of online payment related issues, i.e. payment deducted and not showing, please wait for some time or logout and login again, then go to the previous payments /receipts, check the payment history. You can download the receipt, incase of successful payment.


In case of payment imitated, you can click the blue button written as check status for payment, the payment will be checked with the payment gateway data, if it success, then receipt will be generated and you can download the receipt.


In case of issues related to online payment, please mail to /