Special Centre for National Security Studies


Special Centre for National Security Studies (SCNSS) is one of the newest centre established in JNU (2018) to study National Security in comprehensive and holistic manner. It has a prime focus on analyzing, comparing and theorizing the security issues of India.  The centre intends to examine, reflect on and provide policy inputs and alternative policies to relevant security agencies of India.  The Centre will be a super speciality centre of national importance on the domestic and external security issues of India.  The Centre intends to examine all core national security issues from the prism of Indian civilizational knowledge and its security traditions, to protect its national interest, territorial integrity and world peace. It is  an interdisciplinary center combining social sciences and  civilizational/cultural insights of India with latest emerging technologies in cyber, space, chemical, biological, nuclear and Artificial intelligence (AI) related disciplines.


The centre will be currently located at Annex building of Jawaharlal Institute of Advance Studies, Birsa Munda Marg, JNU New Campus. It  is going to offer a Ph.D. programme in National Security and plans to offer Masters programme in the near future.