Centre for Chinese and South East Asian Studies (CC&SEAS)

The Chinese programme started under the Centre for Afro-Asian Languages (CAAL) in 1973. As the demand for the East Asian languages peaked up, the Centre for East Asian Languages (CEAL) came into being in the 1980s, and the Centre for Chinese and South East Asian Studies (CCSEAS) in 1996.  The CCSEAS offers a full-time three-year B.A. (Hons.), two-year M.A., and 5 years M.Phil/Ph.D in Chinese language, literature, culture, civilization and Sino-Indian studies. The Centre offers an intensive specialized training in modern Chinese language with particular emphasis on the commonly spoken language (putunghua) in present day China. Apart from having proficiency in the language, the students are gradually exposed to the cultural and literary heritage of China through both classical and contemporary texts.


B.A. (Hons.) in Chinese: The courses at the level of B.A. (Hons.) in Chinese are designed to develop language skills in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension. The students are also familiarized with various aspects of life in China through courses such as Read Chinese, Newspaper Chinese, Chinese Oration/Fluent Chinese, General Knowledge of China, Composition etc. The courses are aimed at developing competence and proficiency in spoken as well as written Chinese through state-of-the-art audio- visual language laboratory facilities and films. The Centre also offers four tool courses in English for in- house students which are introductory courses about social, political and cultural life in East Asia. A four optional course on India and China is also offered for the undergraduate level students of the School of Language Literature and Culture Studies covering the gamut of India-China relations from ancient to contemporary times. The course is open to students of the entire university as a non credit course as well.  


M.A. in Chinese: The programme is designed to facilitate advanced and intensive training of Chinese language, literature, culture and civilization on the one hand and translation and interpretation on the other. Courses such as the History of Chinese Literature, Introduction to Chinese Language, Fundamental of Chinese-English Translation, Newspaper Translation, Chinese Novels, Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation, Introduction to the Economy of Modern China, China’s political Thought, Reading and Translation of Contemporary Writing train students for research and interpretation careers. The inter-disciplinary orientation of the courses also offers an opportunity to students to join M.Phil. or Ph.D. programmes in social sciences streams of other Schools. Apart from having a practical proficiency in the language concerned, students are also familiarized systematically with various aspects of life in China and other Chinese- speaking areas in the South-East Asia. The aim of the programme, therefore, is to stimulate and facilitate young scholars to engage themselves in advanced level language- based studies on language, literature, history and culture of China and South-East Asian Countries.


M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Chinese: At M.Phil. level, the Centre aims at introducing research methodology and other multi-disciplinary courses. A student admitted to the programme is required to clear prescribed courses in the areas like methodology, language, literature, culture, history, India-China contacts and write dissertation for completion of M.Phil and Ph.D.


Certificate and Diploma courses in Bahasa Indonesia: The Centre also offers two years certificate and Diploma courses in Bahasa Indonesia.


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List of courses being offered in CC&SEAS Monsoon Semester 2020