Centre for Media Studies

The Centre for Media Studies (CMS) aims to emerge as a prime academic location for the development of critical understanding about media and its engagement with society, polity and economy in India.

Envisaged primarily as a centre for research and academic study, it concentrates on developing a critical understanding of the role of the media in contemporary times. The media's functioning, and its intersections with contemporary society, polity, economy and culture are primary areas of its research concerns. The Centre also engages itself with the constituting and determining factors of media such as its social, regional and language base, commercialization and profit motive, institutionalization and organizational scale, media institutions and media houses, infotainment content and search for alternative niches through new media etc..

CMS promotes inter-disciplinary approaches to study and assess the evolution, role, relevance and impact of media in India. Towards this purpose, it engages closely with scholars working in this field in allied schools and institutions. Taking cognizance of the roles that media structures as well as the ways in which these structures are embedded in society, play in defining its functions of legitimation and critique, the areas with which the Centre will engage in research and teaching activities include:

►Structure, ownerships and corporatization
► Interface between media, politics, society and technology
► Linguistic and regional diversities
► Media and democratization
► Media, law and regulation
► Internet and social media
► Media and the creation of social values
►Media and popular culture

The Centre initiated its Direct Ph.D. programme from the Monsoon Semester 2013, and may initiate an integrated M.Phil/Ph.D. programme from the academic session 2015-16.


List of courses being offered in CMS Monsoon Semester 2020